Catalog #: 025-06-0003
Parent Exhibit: A View From Space
Description: This exhibit offers a dramatic demonstration of how satellites orbit the Earth and capture images of the entire planet. With the turn of a crank, visitors send a satellite spinning around a rotating model Earth, while a UV light paints a clear picture of the satellite’s path. This station models a polar orbit—the type used by most of NASA’s Earth observing satellites. Because these satellites orbit around the North and South poles, while the Earth rotates from East to West, they are continuously capturing image “slices” of different parts of the Earth. By combining the slices, scientists create images of the entire planet. Key message: An orbit is the path a satellite takes as it travels around the Earth. Student Challenge: Turn the crank slowly and watch the satellite’s path. Do you notice any pattern?
Approximate Component Dimensions: H 52 inches | W 36 inches | D 28 inches
Site Requirements
Power Required: Yes
Powered From: Floor
Air Pressure:

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