Calories In, Calories Out

Catalog #: 028-07-0003
Parent Exhibit: Everybody Eats
Description: This interactive consists of a hand-turned cycle and buttons that allow a visitor to choose from a variety of snacks. The visitor chooses a snack by pressing a button and starts to pedal the cycle. A screen in front of them gives information about the number of calories the visitor has burned while pedaling and the number of minutes left to burn off the snack. Visitors may choose an alternate snack at any time during the activity by pushing a button. The display then changes to correspond to that snack. The exhibit provides a unique way to compare the amount of time it takes to burn off healthy snacks, such as fruits and vegetables, and unhealthy snacks, like candy bars. Visitors learn that food gives them energy in the form of calories and that some foods contain more calories than others. They also discover that they need to burn off extra calories if they eat more than they need to fuel their body.
Approximate Component Dimensions: H 72 inches | W 48 inches | D 30 inches
Site Requirements
Power Required: Yes
Powered From: Floor or Ceiling
Air Pressure:
Special Notes: Bilingual

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