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Desert Survival

Skill Building
Type & Format
"Residential" camps will stay at an established camp location either owned or rented by OMSI for the entire program.
Grade Level
4, 5
Price Range
Level of Physical Activity

What would you do if lost in the wilderness? Key safety and survival skills will turn you into a seasoned outdoorsperson. You'll develop intermediate survival skills such as plant identification, fire-making, orienteering, animal tracking, and shelter building. Plus, you'll better understand the arid ecology of eastern Oregon. We’ll spend the week at Camp Hancock and at least one night camping in the wilderness.

Jul 18, 2016
7am Mon - 5pm Fri
$540.00 /$675.00
Aug 22, 2016
7am Mon - 5pm Fri
$540.00 /$675.00