Chem Lab Unit: The Nature of Matter

Learn about the states of matter, density, and other physical properties of matter.


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Learn about the states of matter, density, and other physical properties of matter.

The Nature of Matter

All Mixed Up!

Concept: Visitors separate a mixture of wood shavings, salt, and stones. They add the mixture to water, then use the different properties of these substances to separate them.

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Currently Working

Concepts: Using a light connected to batteries, visitors test different solutions for conductivity. They test solutions of: water, salt, sugar, and hydrochloric acid. Only the salt and hydrochloric acid solutions conduct electricity.

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Hot and Cold

Concepts: Visitors add urea and calcium chloride to water in separate flasks. They feel the flasks to discover that one has gotten colder, while the other has gotten warmer.

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It's a Gas!

Concepts: Visitors assemble two flasks and a beaker, connecting them with stoppers and tubing. They combine baking soda, water, and citric acid in a flask and then stopper the flask. Gas from a chemical reaction flows into a second flask, displacing colored water into the beaker.

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Starch Slime

Concepts: Visitors mix corn starch and water to create a fluid with interesting properties.

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The Infrared CAM

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