Chem Lab Unit: Industrial Chemistry

Learn about the chemical processes used in different industries.


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Industrial Chemistry

Acid Rain

Concept: Visitors create "acid rain" in a glass dish by reacting two chemicals. The gas created by the reaction combines with a drop of water to form an acidic solution (acid rain).

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Concepts: Students place test tubes filled with a green solution over two electrodes (one positive and the other negative) and at the bottom of the tub that is also filled with the green solution. They observe the test tubes for one minute.

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Concepts: Students place two wires into a tub of zinc sulfate solution. The red wire is attached to a piece of brass at one end and the negative terminal of a battery at the other end. The black wire is connected to a piece of zinc and the positive terminal. After a minute, students observe the results.

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Concepts: Visitors burn metallic solutions in a flame and observe the different colors produced. They dip a wire loop into a solution, then place it into a flame and observe the result.They learn that the color of fireworks is determined by the color of combustion of different metallic compunds.

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Rocket Science

Concepts: The chemical reaction in one test tube produces hydrogen gas. In the other test tube a different reaction produces oxygen gas. Students fill a plastic bulb with water, then let the gases in various proportions displace the water. The bulb is then squeezed into a flame to make a "pop."

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Concepts: Visitors use heat to shrink samples of polystyrene plastic. One sample comes from a plastic cup, and one from a plastic tray. Visitors compare the size and shape of the plastics before and after heating them. Then they compare the difference in how the two plastics reacted to heating. 

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The Infrared CAM

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