Chem Lab Unit: Everyday Chemistry

Experience the chemistry we use everyday around the home and at school. Play with and test the properties of common household chemicals.


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Everyday Chemistry

As the Stomach Churns

Concept: Students compare how an antacid compound and an anti-gas compound react with artificial stomach fluid.

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Kitchen Mystery

Concepts: Students identify three unlabeled white powders by observing how each one reacts with water and with each other. Knowing the properties of the chemicals, they also have the opportunity to design their own experiments.

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Resistance Is Useful

Concepts: Wax and water don't mix. Use this property to make beautiful art.

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Vitamin C

Concepts: Students use iodine to compare the reactivity of two solutions of starch and iodine. In one solution vitamin C has been added.

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What's in Milk?

Concepts: Chemicals! And what happens when you add food coloring and soap to the mix? 

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The Infrared CAM

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