Chem Lab Unit: Environmental Chemistry

Learn about the chemistry of our natural environment.


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Environmental Chemistry

Acid Rain

Concept: Visitors create "acid rain" in a glass dish by reacting two chemicals. The gas created by the reaction combines with a drop of water to form an acidic solution (acid rain).

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Burning Issues

Concepts: Students use a candle to discover the products of combustion. The flame deposits carbon on a glass rod and water on the sides of a jar. Carbon dioxide gas reacts with the water in an indicator to form carbonic acid.

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Foam Peanuts

Concepts: Visitors compare the properties of Styrofoam™ and biodegradable foam packing peanuts when mixed with water and acetone.

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Rock Bottoms

Concepts: Students add simulated acid rain to two cups that represent lakes. One cup contains limestone gravel, the other contains granite gravel. Students also add an indicator to each solution that shows any change in the acidity of the "lakes."

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Take Out the Trash

Concepts: Students use a magnet and floatation to separate metal screws, plastic and aluminum from a mixture. 

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The Infrared CAM

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