Chem Lab Unit: Crime Scene Chemistry

Experience the chemistry that scientists use to bring criminals to justice!


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Crime Scene Chemistry


Concept: Visitors press their fingertips onto a clean Plexiglas sheet. Their fingerprints are then revealed as visitors dust over the print with fingerprint powder.

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Dye Detective

Concepts: Samples of six unknown dyes placed on filter paper are identified by characteristic patterns that form when water traveling up the filter paper carries the components of the dyes with it.

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Luminol Test

Concepts: A chemical reaction between solutions of luminol and fake blood (hydrogen peroxide) show visitors a blue glow.

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Mystery Powders

Concepts: By performing various tests, visitors are able to identify whether a powder is baking soda, baking powder, citric acid, corn starch, or detergent.

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Secret Writing

Concepts: Visitors write their initials using three different clear solutions on different pieces of paper. After allowing the solutions to dry, visitors apply the corresponding “Developer” and reveal their secret writing.

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What's Your Type?

Concepts: Visitors perform a simulated blood test procedure. They perform control reactions and test reactions, then use their observations to determine the blood type of different suspects.  

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The Infrared CAM

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