Chem Lab Unit: Chemistry of Toys

Learn about the chemistry that makes toys and the chemistry that makes toys work.


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Chemistry of Toys

First Impressions

Concept: Students experiment with a commercial photo-sensitive paper (Sunprint™ paper). They place opaque and clear objects on the paper and expose it to bright light, observing the results.

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Concepts: Students experiment with changeable silly putty first by manipulating it, then by heating and cooling it. Then they mix chemicals to make flubber and compare its properties to the silly putty.

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Light and Dark

Concepts: Students experiment with a light stick, charging it in different ways, then viewing it in a darkened box. They also experiment with other toys, viewing them in total darkness and under ultraviolet light.

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Magic Inks

Concepts: Students use three different chemicals to write their initials on pieces of paper. One of the chemicals is from a commercial 'magic pen.' After the paper dries, they paint three "developer" chemicals over the writing and observe the results.

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What's in Milk?

Concepts: Chemistry, that's what!

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Yellow Submarine

Concepts: Students experiment with a toy submarine. They fill a small chamber in the sub with baking powder, then immerse the sub in water and observe the results. Then they experiment directly with baking powder by adding water to it.  

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The Infrared CAM

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