Chem Lab Unit: Chemical Reactions

Learn about different types of chemical reactions and how to identify a chemical reaction.


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Chemical Reactions

Build a Battery

Concept: Visitors build their own battery and test the flow of current. They add solutions of sodium sulfate and copper sulfate to two separate bowls, then connect the solutions with a bridge.  Leads of copper and zinc complete the circuit and visitors can see the flow of current measured on the ammeter.

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Chemical Reactions, Yes or No

Concepts: Students mix baking soda, calcium chloride, and phenol red solution in a ziplock baggy. They observe evidence of a chemical reaction.

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Concepts: Students add equal amounts of starch solution to beakers containing different amounts of iodine. They observe the rate at which a color change occurs in each beaker.

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Forwards and Backwards

Concepts: Students test varying mixtures of ammonia and vinegar with a universal indicator. They then investigate the amount of vinegar or ammonia needed to change the color of the indicator.

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See the Light

Concepts: Students observe a chemical reaction between solutions of luminol and hydrogen peroxide that gives off a blue glow.

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Trading Places

Concepts: Visitors add drops of copper sulfate solution onto a steel nail.  The iron in the nail trades places with the copper in solution, resulting in a plate of solid copper on the nail.  Visitors can observe the copper formation with a hand lens. 

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The Infrared CAM

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