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Everyone knows that numbers and science go hand in hand. If you want to be a scientist, better work on your math. Luckily, a quarter of Americans say that math was their favorite subject in school.

But numbers don’t just help scientists with calculations; they help scientists communicate those calculations to each other and to the public in ways that are easily understandable. For scientists, using numbers to paint accurate pictures is a key tool for moving scientific knowledge from theoretical understanding to practical applications.

One very useful way to give numbers a sense of perspective is to convert data into percentages, which express part-verses-whole relationships rather well. Our favorite percentage for today is 20% (you’ll soon see why). Here are some fun facts using 20%.

20% is the percentage:

Now it’s time for our practical application! This holiday season, OMSI’s memberships are offered at a 20% discount from their original donation price. How much will you save? The Family Plus membership, which allows two adults, up to four children and one guest per visit, is normally $120. How much will we be selling it for during the membership drive?

(Answer: $96.00. Only one dollar more than the regularly priced Family membership)


Purchase online or at OMSI for the discount before December 31st and help OMSI fulfill its mission of science education and fun for all!

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