Renewable Energy Education at OMSI

The Pacific Northwest leads the nation in sustainable decision-making, the development of renewable technologies, and research into next-generation green materials. In order to reflect our region’s ongoing leadership in this important sector, OMSI has embarked on a long-term Energy & the Environment Initiative. OMSI programming surrounding Energy & the Environment will link cutting-edge green technology with real-world applications, offer a public platform for scientists working to create new solutions to today’s problems, and bridge the gap between industry and public education. As part of our commitment to becoming a regional source for renewable energy education, OMSI is creating a new permanent exhibit, Renewable Energy Exhibit & Outreach Programming, which will anchor the newly-refurbished Earth Hall. This major new exhibit will include several interactive stations that demonstrate how alternative technologies can be integrated into the existing power grid, the way in which our individual energy choices affect the environment, and the basics behind wind, wave, and solar energy production.

OMSI’s educational programming around renewable energy include traveling “tabletop” exhibits, which are already appearing at local fairs and science festivals; new classroom programs for K-12 students; and a renewed focus on conservation of our resources. Our educational programs serve over 200,000 students a year in Oregon, southwest Washington, and throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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