Hand-Eye Supply Getting Geared Up for Portland Mini Maker Faire

Core77's Hand-Eye Supply store is proud to be a part of Portland's emerging maker culture and we couldn't be more thrilled about the upcoming Mini Maker Faire at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. As media sponsors for Portland's Mini Maker Faire and the upcoming World Maker Faire in New York City, we are enthusiastic supporters of the World's Biggest Show and Tell.

At the Mini-Maker Faire you can find us cruising around in our Hand-Eye Supply mobile booth: a cargo bicycle with a hand-built storage box painted by reputed illustrator and hand-lettering artist Mary-Kate McDevitt. We'll be peddling some of the curated wares that you can expect to find at the Hand-Eye Supply store, including chic safety glasses, specialty shop aprons and more goodies!

The Hand-Eye Supply store is for both "creative types" and those who love them (and really, now-a-days, who doesn't?). It is built with a selection of the basic tools of creative work (pencils, paper, pens) a line-up of high-quality tools and fabrication implements (foam cutters! wrenches!) and a wide variety of task-specific clothing made for the shop or studio (more aprons than you've seen in one place ever). It is a lifestyle store or what you do, or what we like to call, a Workstyle store.

We'll also be manning an informational booth to support the Hand-Eye Supply Curiosity Club—a series featuring an eclectic group of speakers across a broad range of subjects around our shared interests in the areas of culture, design, science, technology, art, fabrication, design techniques and lost common knowledge. The Curiosity Club is honored to have a diverse and accomplished group of alumni; our group boasts of designers, tinkerers, makers, writers, theorists, open source manufacturing advocates, teachers, a cyborg anthropologist, a historian, a luthier, a pinhole camera maker, a knife maker, a one-wheeled motorcycle designer and developer, a chef, an upholsterer, an amateur rocket scientist, an improv comedian, cargo bike builders. With each Curiosity Club meeting, the list continues to grow, feeding our natural curiosities with the fascinating expertise of equally fascinating people.

Photo credit: Mary Kate McDevitt

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