Members, time to flex your memory!

Did you know that things you find interesting are easier to remember because they are more likely to “imprint” in your brain? Furthermore, discovering things in your world that are interesting is actually good for you.  Studies show that “novel, stimulating environments can stop the brain from shrinking with age and actually improve brain-cell connections and boost memory skills.” Yet, we can’t spend every moment in stimulating places (like OMSI!), so what’s to be done?

Just as one can exercise the body, one can exercise to keep an active memory. You probably already know that things like crossword puzzles and brain teasers (like the ones at OMSI) are good for you, but improving memory can be as simple as an eye exercise too. “Horizontal eye movements are thought to cause the two hemispheres of the brain to interact more with one another, and communication between brain hemispheres is important for retrieving certain types of memories.”
OMSI’s new parking system will give you something to remember.  OMSI’s parking lots now have numbered spaces and—though parking is free to members—we will be asking that members remember which spot they are in and tell the desk when they check in, starting this Fall. 
Do you have a favorite trick to keep your mind active? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment section.

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