Comet of the Century

Ever since Comet ISON (C/2012 S1) became breaking news as the ‘comet of the century’ nearly a year ago, there has been plenty of speculation by the media on the current state of the comet.

25 Things You Didn't Know About OMSI: Part III

While there’s plenty to see and do at the museum, there’s a lot that people don’t know and never see. Whether it’s a program you didn’t know existed or a fun piece of OMSI history, there are many stories to tell!

I’d like to thank our resident curator, Lori Erickson, for her help in digging through the OMSI archives and collections room to uncover these hidden gems.

The Art of the Muppets 

Welcome Baby (Gecko)

We have some exciting news to share out of the Life Science Lab! A Madagascar Day Gecko was born this summer. We have bred insects and axolotls (a type of salamander) with success, but this is the first time one of the reptiles in the lab has had offspring.


What to Expect at Maker Faire

The second annual Portland Mini Maker Faire is gearing up for September 14 and 15! We will welcome over a hundred ingenious and inventive makers from Portland and the surrounding area to OMSI this weekend for a showcase of their unique skills. Here are just a few of the makers you can expect to see.

Harmonograph at Maker Faire 

Ex Libris Anonymous

PIG Squad's Pixel Art

Have you heard about OMSI’s Mini Maker Faire? Wired’s Geek Dad Jonathan Liu advised parents last year, “It’s definitely worth your while to take the kids — you’re sure to find some excellent activities, and I guarantee you’ll find at least one thing that will amaze you.”



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