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We engage one million people in family friendly, science learning experiences. We are a critical partner to K-12 schools. We are a local community icon and a nationally renowned center for science education. But the question is... How do we evolve and continue to be relevant locally, regionally and nationally?

“Museums tend to be rather traditional institutions, and that served them really well in the past. But one thing about the future is that what worked in the past may not work then.”—ELIZABETH MERRITT, FOUNDING DIRECTOR, AAM’S CENTER FOR THE FUTURE OF MUSEUMS, MAY 23, 2011

Energy & Environment

The Pacific Northwest leads the nation in developing green technology and creating sustainable neighborhoods. OMSI’s Energy & the Environment initiative is working to interpret these advances to a wide public audience. Through new permanent exhibits, programs, and up-close experiences with sustainable technology, we are creating relevant and focused content around sustainable decision-making, renewable energy technology and green building concepts.

Health & Wellness

OMSI’s focus on Health & Wellness is about being an educational resource for individual and community health. Eat Well, Play Well, a major exhibit recently added to OMSI’s Life Hall, promotes active and healthy ways of eating and living through understanding the complex ways food, exercise, and our bodies interact. Future exhibits and programs will be designed to foster informed citizens who make healthy choices for themselves and their communities.

Innovation & Engineering

As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, OMSI is focused on providing our audience important educational resources for understanding the rapid pace of invention and innovation. This includes providing exhibits and programs that will help people understand the role that technology plays in their lives (beyond cell phones and computers!) and creating opportunities to practice engineering skills such as designing, testing and building.


OMSI has an active team of volunteers who contribute their time and talents to support OMSI's educational mission.

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